4K TVs

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4K TVs - 09/22/17 08:22 AM

Damn the 65 inch 4k LG tv that I just paid off yesterday making total payments in the amount of 2700.00. Its currently priced at 999.00 at Best Buy...crap. Tvs are the only thing over the yrs that got cheaper and bigger. In the late 70s I paid about 500.00 for a 19 inch Zenith color tube tv. Currently you couldn't give away a tube tv.
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Re: 4K TVs - 09/22/17 10:45 PM

Of course the most expensive hdtv is the Titan Zeus made in Britain. 361 inches of 8K glory for a mere 1.6 million.
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Re: 4K TVs - 09/26/17 08:51 AM

My next will be a laser 4k projector. One that has 5000 lumens of brightness. Melt the dang wall.
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Re: 4K TVs - 10/03/17 01:54 PM

Guess I will just discuss 4k tvs then. 75 inch 4K sets going for 1500...Unbelievable
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Re: 4K TVs - 10/20/17 02:01 PM

But my next set will be a 65 inch 4k OLED those are pricey.I wont do that until after my 55 inch Panny plasma sheeats the bed Still working great after 10 yrs of service...bought it before KU won it all in 08...it must make it to watch them win it all in 18...amirite.
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Re: 4K TVs - 10/21/17 01:24 PM

I feel like TVs always find a new gimmick to sell people on.

3D, Smart, 4k, 240 hz, LCD, LED, OLED...it's just a new reason to buy a TV.

Personally, with Midco/Wow/Sunflower in Lawrence, I don't see a giant difference between the picture on my 42" Vizio from college, my 55" 1080p LG, and my 65" Samsung 4k.

Slightly better picture on the PS4, Fire TV, etc when it's 4k content, but even then, I refuse to spend the extra $300-500 for HDR and the other new gimmicks.
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Re: 4K TVs - 10/21/17 04:12 PM

Only as good as the source material. True 4k broadcast everywhere wont happen for several more yrs. I got a 65 inch 4k LG and yes the upscaled 4k simulated picture is nice and clear. I also have a 1080p 120 inch front projector. If I really ever get an Oled HDR tv it will be at least 75 inch. But I wont do that until they are around 2500.
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Re: 4K TVs - 10/21/17 06:00 PM

And yes I am trying to compensate for something...sob...