Jay Dineen

Posted by: namohcan_99

Jay Dineen - 05/19/16 12:11 AM

"It is hard for Kansas to turn down a recruit who grew up wanting to play for the Jayhawks. That’s exactly what they got in Jay Dineen."

I remember this group crying about not wanting kid just because he wanted to be here, but to go with talent based off of stars and size. Just think this is a win-win for our program
Posted by: KUCO_VOC

Re: Jay Dineen - 05/20/16 04:56 AM

Not sure who "this group" is that you are referring to, but if he turns out to be a clone of his brother (maximum effort), I will agree wholeheartedly on this as a good offer. It helps support the idea of Kansas football being a family event for local kids. Local meaning statewide.