KU Sports Clubs

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KU Sports Clubs - 09/01/13 04:22 PM

KU features so many more sports opportunities than most realize. KC Kingdom takes a look at some of the Sports Clubs KU has to offer, and the hard working athletes who participate.

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Re: KU Sports Clubs - 09/02/13 12:39 PM

I was in Crew when I was in college. We had to run down to the river than row for 3 hours. After that we had to run back up the hill. I cant believe any football or basketball player training any harder than we did.
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Re: KU Sports Clubs - 07/22/14 03:42 PM

Love the Harry Potter Sport or quidich.

Sports Clubs

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Just come here and help the author posts ~

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Re: KU Sports Clubs - 05/04/15 01:30 AM

It is good to give opportunity youngest player who like to play games.

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Re: KU Sports Clubs - 05/07/15 10:01 AM

Our football team is essentially a club sport. So damn sh*tty.