Maximus is

Posted by: yoda

Maximus is - 05/01/13 02:38 PM

sofa king re todd ed
Posted by: ecrabill

Re: Maximus is - 05/07/13 03:56 PM

glad I checked out the bowling forum.
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Re: Maximus is - 01/08/14 09:55 AM

Still important and loved enough for another site user to take his time in the day and form an unsolicited thread about me.

Thanks for the tribute.
Posted by: redrover

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Originally Posted By: yoda
sofa king re todd ed

isnt the grammer supposed to be turned around or something

that is a bad bad yoda impersonation and i will not forget this
Posted by: Walter_Sobchak

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This has nothing to do with bowling. Mods move this forum to the correct board.
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Re: Maximus is - 09/01/15 09:56 PM

Maximus has bowled before and doesn't mind the game. Thread saved for Mod deletion..