Zach Bradford...damn!

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Zach Bradford...damn! - 04/21/19 10:07 PM

That kid has some serious skills! Congrats on breaking the 36 year old record!

The way he looks vaulting, I'm betting this kid can clear 20' before he's done at KU, or at least get really close. He's gonna keep breaking this record a few more times.
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Re: Zach Bradford...damn! - 04/22/19 01:42 PM

Yep. That's killer stuff. Hope he can do his ultimate. That would be something to see.

I never really cared much about pole vaulting. But a few years ago I got caught in my buffalo pasture by a cow gone suddenly hateful. I made it to the only tree somewhat close to the pipe fence but she had me pinned, so to speak. I was able to keep the tree between her and me, barely, but couldn't get enough clear to make it to the fence. Then my pet yearling heifer came along and served as a buffer. In a flash that cow hit her broadside, knocked her clear down...but gave me enough time to get to the fence. I'm not the spring chicken I once was, but at that moment and under those circumstances I grabbed the top rail and vaulted that fence like a champion. Later I thought what a plus it might be to carry a good pole with me next time I got in there.
Sorry. Don't mean to steal the thunder from our guy. Just that hearing what he did made me think of that story again.
Wonder how high he could vault with a mad buffalo on his tail? LOL
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Re: Zach Bradford...damn! - 04/22/19 03:37 PM

Buffalo can be scary ass animals.
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Re: Zach Bradford...damn! - 04/23/19 12:05 PM

What the hell, since these boards are beyond dead nowadays let's keep going down the Buffalo trail here.

I once was visiting a friend who had a huge ranch out in western Kansas. They had a ton of cattle, but 1 of their neighbor friends gave them a buffalo as a Christmas gift one year as a joke. My friend didn't know exactly what to do with it, so he kept it with 1 herd of his cattle. I visited him once over a 3 day holiday weekend, so I got up and went with him as he did his chores in the morning. He had to move this herd of cattle through a series of gates and corrals one morning. The buffalo immediately put his attention on us as the other cattle just meandered around. That buffalo carefully watched what was going on and the split second enough gates got open so he could find his way through all of the corrals and get to where we were, he took off like a rocket through that maze of gates and corrals. These weren't lined up in a straight and obvious way either and the last gate that got opened was like 4 gates away from where the cattle and buffalo were. That buffalo looked like he could out run a race horse and I just barely had enough time to leap the fence and get to safety as that buffalo got to the area I was at and my friend dove under a steel gate on the other end right when that buffalo made contact with it. That sucker was huge, fast, and powerful as hell in addition to being a lot smarter than all the cattle around him. Needless to say I stayed in the truck or outside the fence the next 2 mornings my friend had to go out and mess with the buffalo at all.

Last I talked with my friend he said he ended up keeping that buffalo around as he'd developed a lot of respect for him because he was so smart. He tried to tell me that the incident when I was there was driven by the buffalo wanting to get to a feeding trough first, rather than wanting to kill us, but I'm skeptical! That SOB meant business!