Royals talk ???

Posted by: Topcitykid10

Royals talk ??? - 09/04/13 12:29 PM

Wow no activity since the white sox series. I know it's a long shot but hey they aren't out of it yet! - WE BELIEVE !!
Posted by: kylecof11

Re: Royals talk ??? - 09/05/13 08:48 AM

We had a good thing going with the silence. No one was talking and they were winning, then a thread was created and they lose...
Posted by: Topcitykid10

Re: Royals talk ??? - 09/05/13 08:38 PM

Ha my bad!- good thing Mooooooose got them back on the right track today.
Posted by: rockchalker5

Re: Royals talk ??? - 09/06/13 09:41 AM

Next 15 games are against Cle, Det, and Tex. Nuff said.
Posted by: mtglite

Re: Royals talk ??? - 09/06/13 03:25 PM

this would be a great time for the Royals to play out of their ass for a couple of weeks.