Celebrating 4000 hits

Posted by: SuperCorona

Celebrating 4000 hits - 08/22/13 11:49 AM

No doubt Ichiro has been a great player over his career, but should MLB be making such a big deal out of him reaching 4000 hits with 1278 of them coming in Japan? I think they are willing to celebrate any milestone that isn't tainted by PEDs.
Posted by: KUSPORTSFAN93

Re: Celebrating 4000 hits - 08/22/13 01:07 PM

No, I think it's worth celebrating. It isn't 4000 major league hits. But the quality of competition in Japan isn't a joke. It's certainly better than nearly all minor league ball.
Posted by: SuperCorona

Re: Celebrating 4000 hits - 08/22/13 02:06 PM

When did MLB start counting the "better than nearly all minor league" numbers in career stats? George Altman isn't listed in the 300 HR club. Sadaharu Oh hit 868 HRs in his career. I don't see MLB lining up to do anything for him.

I think Ichiro's 2722 hits in almost 13 MLB seasons is fantastic, BTW.
Posted by: KUSPORTSFAN93

Re: Celebrating 4000 hits - 08/22/13 05:01 PM

Like I said, it isn't 4000 hits. It isn't. And the record books won't ever reflect anything different. But it's certainly a bigger accomplishment, in my mind, than 3000 hits in MLB or 3500 hits in MLB. I think it's fine to celebrate this right now. Baseball just had to suspend a dozen players for juicing. The biggest villain in the game is playing every night amid a bitter fight with his team and the league.

I say go ahead and celebrate. Ichiro has always been a good guy and celebrating this accomplishment takes a little focus off of the games ongoing problems, if only for a minute.