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Posted by: georgiahawk

610sports. Home of the Royals - 08/06/07 03:39 PM

I'm sure many of you have heard that the Royals will no longer be on 810am beginning next season. The Royals have signed a 5 year pact with 610sports. Many of you may ask "Who gives a crap."

It's really not that important to me either way. However, the news broke last Tuesday while I was driving to North Platte, NE. For some reason, my radio was stuck on that douchebag, Kevin Keitzmen's show. He spent 20 minutes throwing the Royals under the bus. Saying how broadcasting the Royals is a no win situation. He mentioned that the only reason "the other station, which I don't know who it is and I don't care" is because they through a bunch of money away for the broadcasting rights. He went on to offer 810 (partly his company) congrats for driving up the price with the intention of never wanting the contract.

Why is it that KK and his idiotic counterparts always have to bitch and moan? I cannot imagine anything more refreshing than 810 going bankrupt and KK being put on the street having to look for a job with those he constantly bashes.

My anger is over the Royals. This could be a long year once KU and Ksuck start their seasons. We all know his routine then . . .

Down with KK
Posted by: jensen

Re: 610sports. Home of the Royals - 08/06/07 04:51 PM

I've never understood how Montgomery, McRae, and Brett put up with his crap.

I know 810 has a hard time selling segments on the Royals broadcast and they may be losing out on some potential cash flow by carrying the games. 810 wanted to put the games on their FM station and the Royals wouldn't allow that.
Posted by: georgiahawk

Re: 610sports. Home of the Royals - 08/06/07 06:44 PM

According to KK, 810 did not receive any revenue for advertising during the Royals broadcasts. I'm not sure if that is bad negotiating or the Royals iron fist. But, there is still no reason for KK to throw them under the bus in an attempt to build up 810.

Maybe if KK looks to his past comments about the Royals (downtown stadium, etc.) he will find the true reason why the Royals don't want anything to do with 810.

He makes my blood boil.
Posted by: Hawk1990

Re: 610sports. Home of the Royals - 08/06/07 07:25 PM

Funny how he openly touted it as a great coup when 810 got the Royals' broadcasts a few years ago, but now it's a business quagmire.

What a tool.
Posted by: bighawk84

Re: 610sports. Home of the Royals - 08/06/07 08:09 PM

KK is a jock sniffer! I called him out a few years back about a comment he made about sweeney's contract and he dienied saying what he said. When I asked him to pull the tape and listen to it he changed the subject to the pretty Watsons girl who was in the studio with him. (probably under his desk)
Posted by: jensen

Re: 610sports. Home of the Royals - 08/06/07 08:37 PM

I remember that. Nice work. Best part of KK....you can tell he hates Ron Prince. Hilarious.