Anibal Sanchez

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Anibal Sanchez - 12/13/12 05:06 PM

5 yrs/75 mil to the Cubs.

Sounds about right.
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Re: Anibal Sanchez - 12/13/12 05:19 PM

Might have been premature.

Guess conflicting reports.
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Re: Anibal Sanchez - 12/13/12 05:52 PM

Would be a decent addition. If you show up late to the F/A party, you have to pay a higher price so an overpay by the Cubs is necessary, but best to get a player than not to.

Starting Lineup is comparable with the Royals

1. Jeff Samardzija vs James Shields
2. Anibal Sanchez vs Ervin Santana
3. Matt Garza vs Wade Davis
4. Scott Baker vs Jeremy Guthrie
5. TBD vs TBA

I think its a 2-2 with the 5 starter determining the rubber match.
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Re: Anibal Sanchez - 12/14/12 11:45 AM

Detroit $80 million over five seasons to the 28-year-old Sanchez. Bad news for Royals fans.
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Re: Anibal Sanchez - 12/15/12 01:31 PM

Verlander, Scherzer, Fister, Porcello, Sanchez

Shields, Guthrie, Santana, Davis? Chen? Hochevar?

TIgers have better rotataion. Do we have the better bullpen?
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Re: Anibal Sanchez - 12/15/12 08:54 PM

When it comes to relief, you never know. Past years performance can vary for future results. Cannot really do a head to head comparison because you have to include the starters. The Detroit Tigers bullpen also get to pitch less innings and have more days rest, which affect your arm strength and performance, so it a non-comparison. IMO.

Bullpen ERA
Greg Holland 2.96
Aaron Crow 3.48
Tim Collins 3.36
Kelvin Herrera 2.35

Bullpen ERA
Phil Coke 3.48
Joaquin Benoit 3.66
Brayan Villarreal 2.63
Al Alburquerque 1.08
Octavio Dotel 3.29

It doesn't matter though because our starters will give up more runs and even if the Royals bullpen pitches doughnuts the rest of the game we still probably lose.