Josh Hamilton

Posted by: sdoyel

Josh Hamilton - 12/13/12 03:24 PM

No surprise he walked. The fans and media treated him like [censored] here in Dallas.


How the hell are these teams affording these contracts?

Hamilton AND Pujols?
Posted by: christgs80

Re: Josh Hamilton - 12/13/12 03:29 PM


Those 5 make more than the entire payroll of the Royals.

It's getting pretty crazy.

The Dodgers are what...going to have a 200+ million dollar payroll this year? Nuts.
Posted by: sdoyel

Re: Josh Hamilton - 12/13/12 03:39 PM

If Sciossia (sp?) and Mattingly don't make the playoffs this year they should be fired.
Posted by: JFish26

Re: Josh Hamilton - 12/13/12 03:52 PM

I would have offered Hamilton $100MM over three years, but I suspect that would have pissed the other owners off.
Posted by: jammahawk

Re: Josh Hamilton - 12/14/12 01:30 PM

How great would it be to see both Hamilton and Pujols miss significant time at the same time.
Posted by: Maximus

Re: Josh Hamilton - 12/14/12 03:52 PM

Pujols is a stand out player with KC connection and Hamilton is the next feel good movie by Disney.

You sure you want to wish ill-will upon a person?

Santa might not stop by your home on Christmas Day.

As a baseball fan, something for the ages could happen with those two. Maybe Mark McGuire vs Sammy Sosa without the steroids.
Posted by: jammahawk

Re: Josh Hamilton - 12/14/12 07:42 PM

Not wishing ill will, but at this point in their careers, it is within reason that both could see DL time. Hamilton is no stranger to the DL list.
Not so sure Disney will be making any feel good movies about Hamilton soon with his history of relapse.