Royals Depth Chart

Posted by: elan71

Royals Depth Chart - 01/09/07 11:52 AM

I still don't think that the Royals are close to making any noise in the division but I do think that they will be much improved over recent years. They have some good young players and a decent amount of starting pitchers that they can throw out there.
It will be interesting to see if they can sign the young talent and continue to sign veterans that will help to fill the holes on the team.
I wonder how long Sanders will be able to stay in the line up, I would like to see the Royals give Costa a chance at Right Field.
Posted by: Rex_Walters

Re: Royals Depth Chart - 01/09/07 01:38 PM

Here's the depth chart as I see it currently:

starting lineup:
CF David DeJesus
2B Mark Grudzilanek
RF Mark Teahen
DH Mike Sweeney
1B Ryan Shealy
3B Alex Gordon
LF Emil Brown/ Reggie Sanders
SS Angel Berroa
C John Buck/ Jason LaRue

1B/OF Ross Gload
INF Esteban German

Gil Meche
Odalis Perez
Luke Hudson
Brian Bannister
Zack Greinke


long relief - Todd Wellemeyer
middle relief - LHP Jimmy Gobble
middle relief - Ken Ray
middle relief - Joel Peralta
set-up - LHP John Bale
set-up - David Riske
closer - Octavio Dotel
Posted by: elan71

Re: Royals Depth Chart - 01/09/07 01:55 PM

i think your going to see teahen at third and sanders in right field
Posted by: Hawk1990

Re: Royals Depth Chart - 01/09/07 03:02 PM

Teahen may start the year at third, but the Sanders/Brown duo is going to be gone as soon as Moore can make a decent trade. Once that happens, both corner outfield slots will be open for Teahen and one of the Costa/ Lubanski/ Meier/ Huber group, with Gordon taking over third. I'd like to see that happen by Opening Day, but I'll settle for June 1. If they wait all the way until the trading deadline, I think they'll be wasting Gordon in Omaha for too long.

Under no circumstances do I want to see Joey Gathright on the field regularly. Defensive replacement and pinch runner? Fine. Regular at-bats? God no.

Also, don't be surprised if Greinke starts the year in the pen, with Wellemeyer getting the final rotation spot. I think they're going to be extremely careful with Greinke until they know he's got his mind right.

And I'd be thrilled if Sweeney was reasonably healthy for the first three months so he can be used as trade bait to a contender. Billy Butler is the DH of the future and I see no reason why we should wait until '08 to give him significant at-bats.
Posted by: elan71

Re: Royals Depth Chart - 01/09/07 03:04 PM

I'd like to see Costa and Lubanski in the outfield. It'll be interesting to see how things play out.