KU (12-9) at #15 Texas A&M (18-2)

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KU (12-9) at #15 Texas A&M (18-2) - 03/16/07 12:11 AM

I wrote a series preview article which can be linked to here.

The story gives some background on the series and the Aggies, as well as information about radio and TV coverage. This is the opening of the Big-12 season for the Jayhawks. Let's hope they get off to a good start.
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Re: KU (12-9) at #15 Texas A&M (18-2) - 03/16/07 10:11 PM

Does anyone know where I can get college baseball scores online????
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TAMU 9 - KU 3 - 03/17/07 08:43 AM

I wrote up a recap at RCT about the game. You can link to it here:


Tough loss.
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College Baseball Scores - 03/17/07 08:49 AM

Hi D_A_C, A few places to get college baseball scores. If it is only KU games you are following then the team's official homepage is normally updated fairly quickly after games end with a recap and a boxscore:


If you are looking for Big-12 scores than the Big-12 homepage is OK. It can be a bit slow.


For national scores the place I visit is the NCAA-baseball homepage:


Hope this helps. ESPN and the networks really don't follow college baseball in any depth. Baseball America does a pretty good job but you have to pay to get to most of the magazine and site content.
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Re: College Baseball Scores - 03/17/07 03:11 PM

Thanks a lot.
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Game #2: KU 17 - TAMU 13 - 03/17/07 11:07 PM

Finally! Game just ended. I'll write up a recap later. Feels great to finally get that first marquee win.
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Re: Game #2: KU 17 - TAMU 13 - 03/18/07 10:22 AM

Huge win for the Jayhawks last night. I wrote up a nice recap of the game. Here is the link:


Last nightís win makes todayís 1PM game the rubber match. If KU comes home with two wins in three games their season will have new life. For the Jayhawks itís all about what they do in conference games this year at this point.
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Top of the third, KU leads - 03/18/07 01:42 PM

KU just took a 2-1 lead on a two run, two out single by Robby Price. Next batter, John Allman, hit in the sholder by a pitch. I do think TAMU is afraid to pitch to Allman. That is the third time he has been hit in 24 hours.

Two Aggie outfielders just ran into each other on a Simpson fly to Center Right. Robby Price and John Allman come home. 4-1. That makes me happy, making A&M pay for the hit batman.
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Top of the 4th, KU 8 - TAMU 2 - 03/18/07 02:16 PM

KU had the bases loaded, leading 6-2, one out. John Allman at the plate. One pitch litterally flew behind his back. He was walked on six pitches, drove in a run with the walk. A&M will not pitch to him.

Simpson followed with a sac fly. KU leads going into the bottom of the 4th 8-2.
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Allman hit again. KU up 9-6 - 03/18/07 02:59 PM

Allman at the plate, one out in the top of the sixth, KU up 8-6 now after A&M hit a grand slam in the bottom of the fourth. Man on third, one out. Allman hit again. Coach Price came out and talked with the umpire. The A&M announcers didn't know what the talk was about. I suspect it may have had something to do with issuing a warning to A&M.

Andy Marks has stayed in the game despite giving up six runs. I think he has 8 K's now in five innings. His curveball has looked very good for the most part but I think the grand slam came off a hanging curve.

Brock Simpson drove in Murphy from third on a high chopper. Going to the bottom of the sixth score is 9-6.
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Re: Allman hit again. KU up 9-6 - 03/18/07 03:02 PM

Let's go Jayhawks!!!!!!
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Re: Allman hit again. KU up 9-6 - 03/18/07 03:36 PM

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Re: Allman hit again. KU up 9-6 - 03/18/07 04:18 PM

10-9 final. A&M wins.
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Re: Allman hit again. KU up 9-6 - 03/18/07 10:12 PM

Tough loss. The Jayhawks were up 9-6 in the 7th, and couldn't hold the lead. Here is the boxscore link:

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Re: Allman hit again. KU up 9-6 - 03/18/07 11:37 PM

How many of these high-scoring games have we lost by a run? Can we we bring Don Czyz back?
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Re: KU (12-9) at #15 Texas A&M (18-2) - 03/20/07 04:27 PM

I went to the A&M series..Sunday's game was a heartbreaker...a terrible call at the plate, ump first called him out (aggies) and then changed the call, saying our catcher was blocking the plate! Helloooo!! Give me a break!! Aggies win by 1.
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Re: KU (12-9) at #15 Texas A&M (18-2) - 03/21/07 09:31 PM

Hi Queen, I saw that play on TV. Parzyk was the catcher I think. It looked to me like the runner should have been called out. If not for being tagged out than for dislodging the ball from Parzyk's glove, which is not allowed in college ball.

And yes, the result was a heartbreaker.