KU-Hilo Doubleheader

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KU-Hilo Doubleheader - 02/02/07 08:06 PM

KU's Lineup for Game 1

1. Simpson (Jr-RF)
2. Ro. Price (Fr-2B)
3. Allman (Jr-LF)
4. Land (So-1B)
5. Morrison (Jr-SS)
6. Ry. Price (Jr-2B)
7. Servais (Jr-C)
8. Larson (Jr-DH)
9. Murphy (Sr-CF)

Pitching- Nick Czyz (So-LHP)

Right now the game is in the Top of the 4th KU 4, Hawaii-Hilo 0
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Re: KU-Hilo Doubleheader - 02/02/07 09:39 PM

Game 1 Kansas 12, Hawaii-Hilo 0 F/7 Innings

WP- Nick Czyz (1-0) 4.1 IP, 3H, 0ER, 7k's
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Re: KU-Hilo Doubleheader - 02/02/07 09:41 PM

Christ Almighty. College baseball in February?
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Re: KU-Hilo Doubleheader - 02/03/07 01:05 AM

Game 2: Kansas 7, Hawaii-Hilo 2

WP- Wally Marciel (1-0) 5IP, 3H, 2ER, 3BB, 6K's
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Re: KU-Hilo Doubleheader - 02/03/07 10:47 AM

Offense is looking really good so far. I don't know that Hilo is too much of a test, but it's encouraging nonetheless.
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Re: KU-Hilo Doubleheader - 02/03/07 11:03 AM

Game 4 of the season is at 4pm Central time. I'll have the CSTV Gametracker going!
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Re: KU-Hilo Doubleheader - 02/03/07 11:40 AM

The rest of the games in this series should be interesting. Im hoping the pitching past the 1-3 starters isn't a huge dropoff. Im also interested to see who our #4 starter is going to be.
Posted by: jayhawk154

Re: KU-Hilo Doubleheader - 02/03/07 03:28 PM

Isn't Andy Marks getting the start?