I don't get it.

Posted by: kuking123

I don't get it. - 01/25/07 10:36 AM

Can someone please explain to me why any player in Baseball would accept any contract that seems unfair? Cliff Floyd signed with the Cubs. 3 million or so base salary for 2007 with an option for 2008. His contract may enable him to make 17.5 million for both years or "just" 3 million for 2007. His 2007 contract states that if he has 425 plate appearances and/or? starts 100 games he can make around 7 million in 2007. So, if the Cubs want to screw him they will start him 98 games and let him have 420 plate appearances. He can still hit .350 with 40 HR and 125 RBI or .225 with 5 HR and 30 RBI and get paid the same base salary. Baseball salaries and contracts suck!!!!!!!!!
Posted by: Hawklin

Re: I don't get it. - 01/25/07 10:54 AM

So they should pay him a guaranteed amount of money if he doesnt/can't play as many games as they would like?

I think all contracts in Pro sports should be incentive based.
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Re: I don't get it. - 01/25/07 11:07 AM

But then Letrell Sprewell wouldn't be able to feed his family.
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Re: I don't get it. - 01/25/07 11:09 AM

The thing about Floyd is that if he hits .350 and has 40 HR but only starts 99 games and has 424 plate appearances he gets paid less than if he hits .225 with 5 HR but starts 101 games and has 426 plate appearances? That's just wrong. I am obviously confused about the whole thing. I have thought before that it is best to have something like a one million dollar base salary for all players and then pay them based on incentives. Then when I think of the logistics it wouldn't work. A Home Run guy would want to play in Coors and a pitcher would not, etc. etc...
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Re: I don't get it. - 01/26/07 12:43 PM

Wasn't he hurt last year? That would explain at least part of it. Show me you're durable enough to warrant the salary. If you're still fragile (that's Italian you know) then I'm limiting my exposure.

If Floyd does something like 40/100 in 400 plate appearances and 98 games, as long as he isn't hurt again, he will be in for a huge payday with his next contract, imo.
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Re: I don't get it. - 01/26/07 03:26 PM

Yes he was injured and yes he and the Cubs have an option for 2008. My favorite Cub of the last ten years was Eric Karros. He took a pay cut to play for the Cubs, said it was his favorite year of his career, took a full page ad out in the local paper thanking the fans and the organization for the joy of playing for the Cubs, and moved on.. Great guy who played for the love of the game.
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Re: I don't get it. - 01/27/07 08:00 AM

That would be the end of team play, unless you can figure out how to pay a guy for number of sacrifices.