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Royals - 05/08/17 09:11 AM

Is a stinking dumpster fire. Currently 10-20..worse record in the MLB. I say dump the whole team starting with Yost. The team is at least 70 % of the squad that won it all. Ned in post game interviews says showing frustration and anger helps nothing.

Thats a pile of crap..complacency during a losing streak is a sign of giving up. Guess I am glad I moved back in time to witness two World Series appearances with one championship. Back to small market 90 loss seasons for these boys. Never any consistency for the flyover country teams...well outside of St. Louis of course.
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Re: Royals - 05/10/17 03:03 PM

Escobar is leading off for the last 2 games and the Royals won both. I used to argue with the dot net dunderheads that the Royals win when Escobar leads off even though they argued that sabermatrics wise thats a terrible move. Yost on his radio show earlier today on 610 said he was toying around with the idea since Saturday.

He also stated since 2014 the Royals are 105-59 when Escobar leads off. My question is why did it take 30 frigging games for Yost to figure out something a dummy like me knew for 3 years now. Now just leave Escobar there and the Royals might turn this thing around. It is not too late.
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Re: Royals - 05/11/17 08:11 AM

Esky leading off didn't help them last night. They got hammered
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Re: Royals - 05/24/17 08:41 AM

Saber-metrics for the Royals is to put Butera, a backup catcher, at the DH spot for leadoff as a .263 hitter, and the best candidate the Royals have right now.