Josh Dbag and Toronto

Posted by: jayhawklouie

Josh Dbag and Toronto - 08/02/15 04:00 PM

In my opinion, as of August 2nd, Toronto is a better team than the Royals. Their lineup is patient and scary. And their pitching is capable. If they don't win the East, then they were nothing but posers against KC this weekend. They look like the real deal.

Saying that, the Royals played maybe their B- game over the 4 games and had 3 competitive/win-able games. Gordon is out. Perez is worse than I've ever seen him at the plate. Moose is struggling and/or hurt. Rios is his usual casual/lazy self in the field. And our 2 talented young pitchers don't seem to have the mental makeup, YET, to pitch a full great game.

I think KC is gonna be ok, and be the better team by season's end. Unlike Toronto, I don't think we've seen the best of KC this season.

Speaking of Donaldson...sometimes you can't explain why a guy seems like a Dbag. Bat flipping a walk? Crying cause KC pitches inside...when Donaldson (and Bautista and other Blue Jays) has his body hanging over the plate? Being the first to run to the mound after Escobar got hit? His cute bun on the top of his head? To me, Donaldson qualifies.

Would there be anything sweeter than KC beating Toronto in the ALCS, as they did in 1985?
Posted by: Maximus

Re: Josh Dbag and Toronto - 08/08/15 07:01 PM

Offensively talented. Need help on the pitching side to win the big WS.