Bubba Starling

Posted by: Josh2408

Bubba Starling - 06/09/15 01:02 AM

Will he ever play in the majors I've been dying to see him get called up
Posted by: Maximus

Re: Bubba Starling - 06/09/15 09:29 AM

Bubba lacks power and speed. Is he good enough to hit at the major league level? The young man could still be developing or peaked. Maybe he's see what Trout did and hit the weight room. At 6'4 and 210ibs he should really have at least 20-35ibs of muscle or the potential for physical growth.

Who names their child "bubba"?
Posted by: Josh2408

Re: Bubba Starling - 06/09/15 12:14 PM

Hey Bubba from Forest Gump was cool