Kansas City

Posted by: PHOGUSHER

Kansas City - 04/21/15 10:34 PM

Super Royals. ...another great come from behind win. Tied with the Tigers for first. Not much action on this forum for discussing the games. Their all about it on the dot net. Little Vega is funny. .He is like the summer Doyel on those game threads.

Cutting the Royals down for the slightest error. But praises them when they do good. So his only gripe tonight was about the fans with their dogs. He has ridiculed people about their love of dogs before. ..what kind of low life fool doesn't like dogs. Jeebus. ..quite sad really. .Go Royals. ..Waiter..Cheick please. .
Posted by: jayhawklouie

Re: Kansas City - 04/22/15 11:30 AM

This team is a lot fun. I'm finding myself not wanting to miss an inning, either on TV or on 610. Moose is quickly becoming my favorite player. Gordon's figuring it out a little bit now. Hoz has 4 walks recently, and I think they all came on 3-2 counts. The Cain Train keeps rolling. Perez and Morales both look disciplined at the plate. Orlando has been a surprise. The defense is nails.

The only concern for me is starting pitching. Excluding Volquez, the Royals starters have a 5.72 ERA.

But...that can easily be spun that into a positive. We're 11-3 despite 4 of our starters struggling a bit. With Dave Eiland as coach, and the talent of Ventura/Duffy and the veteran toughness of Vargas/Guthrie, it's hard to imagine that ERA not getting a lot lower.
Posted by: PHOGUSHER

Re: Kansas City - 04/22/15 01:17 PM

That ERA will come way down the more games played. Vargas is my only worry. His arm might be dead more than it is alive. Ned needs to start looking to replace him soon. I dont know who with but their has to be someone in Omaha that is suitable. Maybe Medlen once he heals completly. That guy was nails for the Braves...