Ventura is a

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Ventura is a - 04/19/15 09:40 AM

drama queen basket case???? Maybe he is...
First start: Dramatic reaction to a hand cramp in the 6th inning. ..collapsed like he blew his elbow out. .but still got the win.

Second start: Dramatic reaction in 7th to a mere leg cramp. Left game still got the win.

Third start: Pitched intelligently. .but then started challenging the Athletics with down the middle heat. They promptly put 4 runs up. Then he plunks Lawrie although warranted and acted like he wanted to throw hands.

He does that over the top stupid Michael Jackson leg kick after throwing most strikes. I am afraid his sudden rise to fame has gone to his head and he thinks his crap doesn't stink..

Ned and his team mates need to sit his as-s down and get him thinking straight. Because he is the key to another great season.
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Re: Ventura is a - 04/19/15 11:30 AM

I like him as he is. With experience, he'll figure out to be a little more professional.

Ventura getting tossed was a JOKE. If he gets a suspension, it will be INSANITY.

The Royals have been punching bags so far this year. Ventura did what any other good teammate should do.

The A's called it bush league. What are THEY smokin'?

Laura claims to have texted Escobar and claims to have gotten a negative tweet back in Spanish. Escobar says he never got the tweet and would have responded in English. Who the heck knows what the truth is. No matter, the slide was dirty and deserved retaliation.

We looked distracted yesterday. I hope they focus ONLY on beating the A's today.
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Re: Ventura is a - 04/19/15 08:32 PM

They focused. ..kicked ass....and played with passion today. Fuk the A's and those umps . Love a game like today.
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Re: Ventura is a - 04/20/15 11:10 AM

Originally Posted By: PHOGUSHER
They focused. ..kicked ass....and played with passion today. Fuk the A's and those umps . Love a game like today.

Agree. Great, amazing, satisfying win. All things considered (namely Ventura's youth), I thought KC responded how they should have. I got no problem with any of it.

It's interesting listening to takes on sports talk.

Bob Fescoe I mostly agree with...he's mostly okay with everything the Royals did and loved yesterday.

Josh Vernier as well, although Vernier saw nothing wrong with Lawrie's slide. I do understand that take. At all.

Lake and Bink as well.

Steven St. John as well.

Soren Petro might have had a bad drive into work. Like Denny Matthews, Soren says Lawrie slide worst...questionable. I about threw my remote at the TV yesterday when Matthews came on the air. Essentially, Matthews' take on the Lawrie slide was that it was an aggressive, tough slide that was okay in the confines of baseball. Matthews said Lawrie's left foot "was maybe a little bit high". He then said that Escobar positioned himself poorly...almost sounding as if he was blaming Escobar for the incident. (Should be noted that Escobar was in a shift, and was forced to receive the ball in a different manner he'd normally have. Should be noted as well that Escobar's ONLY option was to field the ball as a 1st baseman. And no way could Lawrie think there was still a shot a dp. Had Lawrie drove his foot directly to the base, Lawrie would have been safe).

Soren, in a nutshell, blames Ned Yost for not controlling his team earlier in the series. Soren thinks Kashmir's pitch....which was 2 feet inside, on a day Kashmir had pinpoint accuracy...was intentionally inside, but NOT intended to hit Cain. Soren thinks the Royals are immature and thinks that any fan who doesn't think like him has his head in the clouds and is wearing blue glasses and doesn't know the truth. It's Petro's very typical I'm-way-smarter-callers attitude.

Ventura and Herrerra will likely get suspensions. Herrerra deserves it for his head-pointing maneuver (doesn't matter what he thought the gesture meant...MLB will not like it). Herrerra should NOT get suspended, but he will.

I think KC feels as if the slate is clean with the Sox, Angels, Twins and A's. I think the Angels and A's don't feel the same way. Maybe the Sox as well.

It's great as a fan. And I think it's making the team tougher and closer to each other.

Herrerra gets my MVP award for Sunday's game...his pitch behind Lawrie's back got the Royals jacked up. Cain and Morales had great at bats. And don't forget Dyson's AMAZING catch earlier in the game that saved at least 1 run.

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Re: Ventura is a - 04/21/15 04:13 PM

No suspension for Ventura. Right move by MLB.

Herrera gets a 5-day suspension. Predictable.
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Re: Ventura is a - 04/21/15 06:25 PM

Just what the Royals want. Their future of the pitching staff starting and getting into fights.

Noland Ryan vs Robin Ventura?
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Re: Ventura is a - 04/21/15 06:46 PM

Why, is your foundation bad or something....