Royals' Swag

Posted by: jayhawklouie

Royals' Swag - 04/13/15 03:03 PM

Duffy’s retaliation pitch against the Sox, the elbow-bumps and high fives after home runs, the goofy gestures to each other, Salvy’s outward excitement, Yordano’s leg kick, Yordano’s seeming surliness after he gives up a hit or a run.

It seems to be pissing off other teams.

I. Freaking. Love. It. !

It’s refreshing, after nearly 3 decades of getting dumped on and picked on, for MY favorite team to finally be the team that others want to badly beat. Personally, I don’t think the Royals players are purposely trying to make the opposition mad. Starting last year, perhaps with the leadership of James Shields and the love-my-players personality of Ned Yost, the Royals united by picking each other up, having parties after victories, dumping Gatorade on guys who got a game’s big hit, and gesturing silly signs to each other when getting on base. But most importantly, working hard, playing hard, and playing smart. There’s a bit of Hal McRae-ness in this team. They don’t take crap, they hustle, and they’re not afraid to show a little attitude.

This team is FUN to watch. We seemingly have bad blood now with the Sox and Angels. We’ll likely pick up more enemies along the way. That’s a bad thing how?
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Re: Royals' Swag - 04/13/15 07:11 PM

Confidence is at a all time high. But its a long long season. Saying that starting 7-0 is as good as it gets.