Calvert continues with blame game

Posted by: rockchalkjjjhawk

Calvert continues with blame game - 03/04/17 09:04 PM

Calvert was a cancer at the beginning, middle, and end of this past season, independent of the Vick/Jackson episode. I watched games all year and you won't find a collegiate player with a worse, selfish, pouting attitude. Attitude issues aside, she really isn't close to being as good as she believes herself to be. Heck, maybe she's a plant to give ku a bad name...In all seriousness, Brandon needs to cut her scholly sooner than later and then help with all means/methods to find a good program/situation for her to transfer to.

Update: Yet another KCStar article on this episode...Looks like there's more stuff being shared by Mr Calvert with the press as it relates to this misfortunate incident.
Posted by: dgless21

Re: Calvert continues with blame game - 05/15/17 08:34 PM

For what it's worth, she's transferring.