[censored]! Nothing til football now!!!!

Posted by: KUHawkhead

[censored]! Nothing til football now!!!! - 03/24/07 09:57 PM

I just realized that now there's nothing until football season for me to get excited about! I guess need to pick up my tennis racket and get out to embarass myself amongst the 50 and 60 somethings who kick my ass on a regular basis. No basketball or football for another four months. Is my wife going to expect me to be productive around the house/yard now? Crap! If only NASCAR wasn't so redneck and NBA and MLB didn't suck quite so much! I can watch MLB once playoffs start, but football is here by then so that's no good.

Better start collecting guns, and cooking meth for hobbies. Wait, I don't live in Missouri, so that's no good either.

Posted by: bpritchett

Re: [censored]! Nothing til football now!!!! - 03/24/07 09:58 PM

Guess you're not looking forward to the Royals, then?
Posted by: KUHawkhead

Re: [censored]! Nothing til football now!!!! - 03/24/07 09:59 PM

Actually I'm a Yankees fan. However, the Royals may actually have a better year than the Bronx Bombers this year!

Posted by: jayhwk01

Re: [censored]! Nothing til football now!!!! - 03/24/07 10:00 PM

Guess I am an all season Hawk but am seriously revved up to watch Hawk BASEBALL. Yes thats right baseball. Next thing you know summer drills start, fall is here along with football, then Hoops are back again. Lots to cheer and look forward to for this Hawk fan!
Posted by: RussianHawk

Re: [censored]! Nothing til football now!!!! - 03/24/07 10:01 PM

I am getting fat and need to exercise.... So that being said if you are in the Lawrence area i'm going to start running (jogging) on Monday.... If you wish give me a PM and we can run away the dissapointment of the season... it will go by much faster.....Let me know anyone