Max & Snyder

Posted by: Jayhawk1952

Max & Snyder - 08/24/19 06:00 PM

Max Falkenstien was honored after his death with a great crowd today of over 1,000 people. He will long be remembered by many even beyond the Jayhawk family of fans. It would have been great to have been there. Included among the attendees was Bill Snyder. It is good to see even rivals taking time to honor someone from another school. While I'm not a great fan of Snyder simply because he was one who coached against us and was too successful in doing so, I still have to tip my hat to him for taking the time to honor one of our great Jayhawks. I do think he was an excellent coach and K State's going to have a tough time living up to the level that Snyder had set. He won't see this but I thank him for coming to the memorial for Max today. Max would have liked that!
Posted by: tmcats

Re: Max & Snyder - 08/25/19 11:36 AM

max is a legend. his radio call of the iu/ku game won by jacque with a last-second jumper was the best i ever heard anywhere.

snyder too is legendary. it was only right for him to stop-by and give k-state's regards. he is serving as a k-state school ambassador now.

thumbs up to both great men.

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Re: Max & Snyder - 08/25/19 02:10 PM

What's this? A kind courteous post from Timmay...are pigs flying today...
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Re: Max & Snyder - 08/25/19 03:31 PM

Good sportsmanship requires that we respect and honor rivals who represent sports in a proper and good way. When I looked outside I didn't see any pigs flying! There were just a couple of o' crows.