OAD Mentality

Posted by: zimsjim

OAD Mentality - 04/11/19 09:47 AM

With Grimes declaring, there seems a lot of people saying "we need to stop recruiting these one and done guys!"
I get it and the frustration, but are we really supposed to ignore exceptional talent? Do we tell players "sorry, we aren't interested. You're TOO good"?
I get trying to build a core around guys that will stick around and work hard, but I think it's foolish to dismiss elite talent because they might leave in a year...
Posted by: MICHHAWK

Re: OAD Mentality - 04/11/19 12:46 PM

If QG had the year he was supposed to have based on all the hype, no one would be questioning him declaring. But since he didn't, not even close, we are questioning it.

The kid had an average freshman campaign, that average freshmen have. He was an average freshman.
Posted by: Jaycat92

Re: OAD Mentality - 04/11/19 05:49 PM

What I mean by stop recruiting "these guys" is simply stop getting the "wanna be OADs" in each class. Sure, not all players recruiting end up being a one year rent a player, but we get duds who still turn pro, even though they might be ranked 80th in draft potential.

Selby was our worst recruit that left early, but Grimes is not far behind. We have seen what recruiting guys like Mason, Graham, Trob, and Morris twins can do for a program. Ol'Roy has been winning Natty's with multiple year players, we have made Final 4's with these guys. What have we gained by getting one year rent a players? Self has never made a Final 4 with any of our one and done players. I will take a talented 3/4 star player who has upside over players like Selby and Grimes any day.
Posted by: PHOGUSHER

Re: OAD Mentality - 04/11/19 07:07 PM

Repeat...Rinse...Repeat...any original thoughts on this matter....
Posted by: PHOGUSHER

Re: OAD Mentality - 04/11/19 07:16 PM

The problem is will Self start doing this...he hasnt done more if any worse than K or Cal has with one and dones...and they get more and better ones...so there is that. Braun and McBride might be a good start...NOMESAYIN BEEEATCHES...LOL.
Posted by: zimsjim

Re: OAD Mentality - 04/12/19 08:49 AM

I get it, believe me...
I just don't know how you achieve it or if it's simple, why we haven't
Posted by: MICHHAWK

Re: OAD Mentality - 04/12/19 09:37 AM

We were in the FF last year.