Posted by: PHOGUSHER

Dok - 03/07/19 10:54 PM

Most likely not returning according from Self on some tweet somewhere. He is actually 49nth in the NBA mock draft..Dedric is 58th..Hey no front court again. Dark times be coming for old KU...
Posted by: PHOGUSHER

Re: Dok - 03/07/19 11:50 PM

I wonder what Self doea to these kids not for them to be loyal to the program. Sure Dok and Dedric could go late 2nd round but thats no guranteed contract. Malik should have stayed one more season because he didnt go anywhere of merit. Roi keeps his boys...I am sure Maye could have made an NBA team after last season. Something just aint right with this program currently....No real recruits worth a damn....Dok ..Lawson gone most likely....not good.
Posted by: MICHHAWK

Re: Dok - 04/12/19 09:55 AM

DL declared on Monday. QG declared on Wednesday. It seems they are spreading out some so they can have their time in the spotlight.

If this pattern holds true. If the BIg Fella is going to declare. He will do so in the next day or two or three.
Posted by: PHOGUSHER

Re: Dok - 04/12/19 10:55 AM

Thinking he already would have....especially since he is currently the only one that is in the mock draft from KU...Lawson and Grimes are not.