Goodbye one-and-done

Posted by: INation

Goodbye one-and-done - 03/05/18 09:07 PM

This will be good for college basketball!!!
Posted by: bigdogjac

Re: Goodbye one-and-done - 03/05/18 10:08 PM

Not sure what is going to happen, but whatever it is won't be easy.
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Re: Goodbye one-and-done - 03/05/18 10:26 PM

I heard some radio talking heads hashing this out today but didn't here any particulars.

It would be great for the college game. I haven't read the article yet. I am guessing that they will get some kind of college baseball likeness. Once you enter, your in until year 3.

I never really liked the OAD players that much, but will miss not seeing the likes of Josh Jackson and Wiggins types not donning the Blue. It would be a good trade off though.
Posted by: Maximus

Re: Goodbye one-and-done - 03/06/18 11:51 AM

I like Van Gundy's comment about tech guys (Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates) coming out and making big money.

Coaches are already paying players and or players are getting paid by other means. Slaves in NCAA sports.

Jay Bilas NBA to NCAA: "How dare you exploits these kids for no money before we attempt to."

Posted by: Jaycat92

Re: Goodbye one-and-done - 03/06/18 05:30 PM

I actually don't see an issue with OAD players signing with an agent early in the process either. Why not? I think most athletes can sign an insurance policy that protects them in case of injury. To me thats not any different than having an agent and being guaranteed some payoff.

This doesn't matter. Shoe companies will do what they have been doing. Agents will do what they are doing. Whose to say that a HS junior that is predicted as a Lottery pick out of high school won't sit out his Senior year for fear of injury and sign with an agent then?