Printable Men's Big12 Tournamen Bracket

Posted by: mushhawk

Printable Men's Big12 Tournamen Bracket - 03/05/18 11:53 AM

Has anyone found a printable Big XII Men's Basketball Tournament bracket?

I looked on They only have one that's not filled in with the team names.
Usually when the last regular season conference games are finished, they post the full bracket that day. They haven't posted it yet.
Has anyone found a printable bracket with all the team names filled in?
Posted by: mushhawk

Re: Printable filled-in Men's Big12 Bracket? - 03/06/18 11:05 AM

Nobody must have had any luck finding one!! wink

I see that the Big XII Conference finally posted the full bracket on their site today. Maybe it's because I emailed them yesterday asking where it was and told them there web guy must be slacking off... laugh
Bracket Link
The background is so dark though, that it takes a gallon of black ink to print it and the page is so wet with ink that it starts to curl up.

Here's a lighter shaded JPEG version that I made off of their PDF if anyone wants to print it...
Lighter Shaded Bracket