Going forward.....tourney season!

Posted by: Jaycat92

Going forward.....tourney season! - 02/27/18 01:31 PM

Now that we have secured #14, and tourney season awaits, whats our biggest strengths and our most glaring weaknesses?

What type of team or teams will give us the most fits going into the tourney?

In a nutshell, our lack of depth is going to be our biggest weakness, but in the tourney most teams dont use alot of bench either. I think our biggest weakness is keeping teams off the offensive glass and getting easy put backs.

Right now with Doka giving us good points and rebounds, our shooters are getting wide open looks on most possessions.

Honestly, with Svi, Malik, and Graham, you can't take away one shooter without the others embarrasing you.
Posted by: Maximus

Re: Going forward.....tourney season! - 02/27/18 02:27 PM

KU's biggest strengths? Ability to make a large number of 3'pt.
KU's glaring weaknesses? Ability to miss a large number of 3'pt.
Teams with good point guards will give us the most fits going into the tourney.

Graham not playing defense will result in a loss.

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