Shaka Smart


Shaka Smart - 09/13/17 03:33 AM

He will be in his 3rd year at Texas with a 47% winning percentage. Lost 22 last season
At 3 mil per season, how long until he is on the hot seat?

In his short coaching career of 8 seasons, VCU and Texas, he has averaged over 11 losses per season. Is he overrated? I think the power and respect of Kansas basketball built his career more than anything. Never heard of him until his upset win. Good for him, but Self and KU will continue to beat him, ultimately, what got him the job will be what eventually ends it for him. He was hired with that expectation.
Posted by: JimWest

Re: Shaka Smart - 09/15/17 10:35 AM

KU makes careers for players, coaches, and programs everywhere.