Anyone watch Cal's 30 for 30?


Anyone watch Cal's 30 for 30? - 09/03/17 05:59 PM

The producer called in and donated 100k to flood relief, Cal added another 75k. Up close to 900k for hurricane relief..Hopefully hit that million mark.We did for Haiti (Karl Anthony Towns) and hurricane Sandy. To many players to list. Houston has been good for recruiting. Must be a few he is looking at. Cal is a very charitable 2 hurricanes and 1 earthquake and Cal gets busy helping.

He and Kevin Sampson see an angle. They petitioned the NCAA for a 3rd scrimmage with Houston. All proceeds for flood relief.
Once the NCAA sees a petition signed by Sampson and Calipari their heads will explode hard for them to deny this.These 2 have figured a way to get them in spotlight or negative press and the whole discussion of why not pay the players will start.