Posted by: AlOerter

DeSousa! - 08/30/17 06:21 PM

Huge get for Bill Self. 6'9" 244 lbs.
Posted by: 58hawk

Re: DeSousa! - 08/30/17 06:48 PM

T-Rob size.
Posted by: MICHHAWK

Re: DeSousa! - 08/31/17 07:37 AM

I like summer/fall recruiting waaayy better than spring recruiting.

Welcome aboard.
Posted by: KU7679

Re: DeSousa! - 08/31/17 11:14 AM

Wow. Three posts related to a commitment by a very good player. This place is on fire!

Seriously, I was glad to see his highlight video showed some post moves, jump shots, ball handling etc. Alexander and Diallo's highlights showing dunk after dunk against smaller competition were truly fools gold. Welcome Silvio, and keep working on your post moves.
Posted by: Tetonhawk

Re: DeSousa! - 09/03/17 11:38 AM