Dam those Russians!

Posted by: imzcount

Dam those Russians! - 03/06/18 05:27 PM

Here we go again. Russians organizing demonstrations. Isn't the country divided enough? Assuming it was the Russians, I mean who else could claim responsibility.

Posted by: Vega

Re: Dam those Russians! - 03/07/18 05:09 PM

Anyone else find it ironic that IMZ is using RT propagandist state media, which our IC is claiming is trying to sow discord in America, to show discord is in America, and thus the Russians are innocent?

Truly, the dumbest timeline we could be in.
Posted by: imzcount

Re: Dam those Russians! - 03/07/18 07:08 PM

Well I find it ironic alright. Since you kicked me off dotnet, but still find the need to communicate, lol.
Posted by: mirkin

Re: Dam those Russians! - 03/07/18 09:32 PM

You have no clue what irony is.