A formation football.

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A formation football. - 01/07/07 07:51 PM

Found this article on Wikipedia:


I was thinking that the Jayhawks use this formation fairly often when they keep BMac in the backfield w/ Sharp/Cornish/Meiers. After watching Boise State doom the Sooners w/ some old fashion misdirection and seeing the Meiers has the same sorta football instincts, we ought to have an entire offensive set outta this formation w/ options on 1st/2nd/3rd down.

Also, we need to bring the direct snap back into the offense. Everyone is in love w/ these dam zone blocking schemes due to blitzes, stunts and whatnot. You simply can't pull and risk the defense blitzing into an open hole while your negotiating the handoff. W/ a direct snap, the play moves outta the backfield much quicker and blitzing linebackers are apt to blitz into empty holes. Imagine direct snapping the ball to Sharp, Meiers faking back around the backside, BMac sealing the DE while the guards seal outside and see if Sharp can spring it. Then have Sharp handoff to Meiers and let him counter on the backside.

To heck w/ throwing outta the spread. Let's get back to perfecting the power game.

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Re: A formation football. - 01/07/07 07:57 PM

JB, I love the idea of snapping to a runningback, who could run the option. I think we'll see a partial return to the Veer and Wishbone, the offenses of the past.

Sharp takes the direct snap, options right, pitches to Meier, who throws to Herford, who catches the ball and scores! As Max would say, "Yea!"
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The 4-2 pressure defense..... - 01/07/07 08:06 PM

the Bears played under Buddy Ryan has sucked the life outta pro football for the last 20 years. Only niche teams like AirForce or BYU kept Div 1a football interesting. The spread offenses and the mobile QBs (I'll give props to Michael Bishop for being one of these QBs) that run them came along as effective counters to the blitz and forced teams to go back to zones. So far in these spread offenses, the emphasis has been on putting the QB in position to make throws and set up big runs (ie Tech,Mooo). Sooner or later, some coach is gonna figure out how to spread the defense and then run the ball effectively on 1st/2nd/3rd down. Honestly, to me at least, Meiers has these capabilities if healthy.

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Re: The 4-2 pressure defense..... - 01/07/07 08:13 PM

I like offenses like my women, lots of variety. In other words, run when the defense expects pass, pass when they expect run, run the Hook-and-Ladder, use the Statue of Liberty, the Washington Monument, anything to add confusement to the defense.

If you blitz KU, we'll make you pay with long gains. If you play conservative D against our Jayhawks, we'll just nibble on you with 5-year gains and make you wish you never met your defensive coaches.
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Re: The 4-2 pressure defense..... - 01/07/07 08:20 PM

in other words, every anti-KU's offense under the quartaro era.