Gophers Avoid Sunlight?

Posted by: TheLTrain

Gophers Avoid Sunlight? - 01/05/07 07:21 PM

According to the St. Paul Pioneer Press newspaper:

Dismissed Minnesota football coach Glen Mason annually picked up expenses for his staff for a postseason trip to the Caribbean. This year's junket was scheduled for Feb. 11 in Cancun. With the firing, plans are off.


Editor's Note from the L-Train: Glen, show some class. These guys put in tons of time and effort during your tenure in Minneapolis. Yes, being fired sucks. But, do you need to throw gas on the fire and tell your "friends" that you don't want to be around them next month when they've earned a short vacation? Show some class, Glen. Take these associates on the trip as planned. Relax. Talk about what went right at U-Minnesota. Thank them for their professionalism and loyalty. You never know when you might want them to work for you again...or when you may be asking one of them for a job.

Get on the boat and show you're above such petty improprieities, Glen. It's in your best interests to do such an unselfish thing for our staff and confidants. FYI.
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Re: Gophers Avoid Sunlight? - 01/05/07 08:02 PM


It's in your best interests to do such an unselfish thing

But its not in his nature.