H. Tharp,,

Posted by: tinfoil

H. Tharp,, - 09/19/09 09:34 PM

will be one of the better linebackers to come along at KU.He has good fundamentals, is not afraid to crack the pads and has some good quickness.
He has surprised me more than the other frosh that are playing.
Posted by: jayhawker010

Re: H. Tharp,, - 09/19/09 09:52 PM

He jacked my brother up once in a game a couple years ago. My brother ran a crossing pattern, and Tharp lit him up like Christmas.
Posted by: rockymtnjhawk

Re: H. Tharp,, - 09/20/09 04:44 PM

I'm kind of excited about Tharp. He does not look lost out there. Within two years, he will be the anchor on the D.
Posted by: WaHawk04

Re: H. Tharp,, - 09/20/09 04:57 PM

I have high hopes for this kid also. Have seen little, but he could be a more physical version on Nick Reid.