"Les Clap"

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"Les Clap" - 07/16/19 07:53 PM

Les Clap

It's an odd site to be sure. It isn't the hand slapping cheer you or I might employ. No, Miles executes a wide-fingered, palm-pounding exercise when he cheers his players. ... Les Miles claps like a man with fins for hands to prevent injury.

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Les Miles impressed with LSU gymnast using his clap in routine

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SEC honored Les Miles with the perfect send off. The clip shows fans of different SEC teams slow clapping "Les Miles-style" (fingers spread wide)—a clap that Miles was famous for during his head coaching gig at LSU.

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What’s wrong with you, bro? Your obsession is really a downer.
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Brent Dearmon going "Over the Top" with KU receivers.

Brent Dearmon Twitter

Lee Miles fist clinching below. KU lost to Tech 12 straight times, but streaks were meant to be broken. Tonight’s was the night. Inexplicable Play