Current Scholarship Situation

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Current Scholarship Situation - 11/27/18 11:00 AM

Hey guys. Long time lurker, second or third time poster.

I decided to take a look at the scholarship situation, taking into account players that participated in four games or less this season to get an idea of the situation Miles and company are inheriting.

A few of these guys might or might not be confirmed scholarship players but are getting some run (like Caperton Humphrey). Forgive the formatting and any errors, I did what I could. There might be a few that aren't actual scholarship guys as well.

Seniors (25)
Hasan Defense CB Sr.
Elmore Hempstead Jr. CB Sr.
DeAnte Ford CB Sr.
Azur Kamara DE Sr.
Najee Stevens-McKenzie DE Sr.
Darrius Moragne DE Sr.
Willie McCaleb DE Sr. - R
Jelani Brown DT Sr.
Codey Cole DT Sr.
Caperton Humphrey FB Sr.
Hudson Hall FB Sr.
Drew Harvey LB Sr.
Denzel Feaster LB Sr. - R
Kevin Feder OL Sr.
Clyde McCauley III OL Sr.
Antione Frazier OL Sr.
Andru Tovi OL Sr.
Hakeem Adeniji OL Sr.
Carter Stanley QB Sr.
Khalil Herbert RB Sr.
Deron Thompson RB Sr. - R
Bryce Torneden S Sr.
Mike Lee S Sr.
Jeremiah McCullough S Sr.
Daylon Charlot WR Sr.

Juniors (24)
Ricky Thomas CB Jr.
Julian Chandler CB Jr. - R
Kyle Mayberry CB Jr. - R
Elijah Jones CB Jr. - R
Sam Burt DT Jr.
Liam Jones K Jr.
Kyron Johnson LB Jr.
Dru Prox LB Jr.
Earl Bostick Jr. OL Jr.
Chris Hughes OL Jr.
Reuben Lewis OL Jr. - R
Api Mane OL Jr. - R
Beau Lawrence OL Jr. - R
Adagio Lopeti OL Jr. - R
Malik Clark OL Jr. - R
Cam Durley OL Jr. - R
Kyle Thompson P Jr.
Dom Williams RB Jr
Davon Ferguson S Jr.
Shaquille Richmond S Jr. - R
Jack Luavasa TE Jr
Stephon Robinson Jr. WR Jr
Kwamie Lassiter II WR Jr.
Evan Fairs WR Jr. - R

Sophomores (11)
Corione Harris CB Soph.
Vaughn Taylor Jr. DE So. - R
Jelani Arnold DE Soph - R
Cooper Root LB Soph - R
Jay Dineen LB Soph - R
Joseph Gilbertson OL Soph - R
Miles Kendrick QB So. - R
Pooka Williams Jr. RB Soph.
Robert Topps III S Soph - R
Quan Hampton WR So. - R
Takulve Williams WR Soph - R

Freshman (7)
Kenny Bastida LB Fr. - R
Mac Copeland OL Fr. - R
Jalan Robinson OL Fr. - R
Jacobi Lott OL Fr. - R
Nick Williams OL Fr. - R
Torry Locklin QB Fr.
Ryan Malbrough RB Fr. - R

The balance issues really seem to fall on the underclassmen, even including the 15 pending additions to the class. There are very few contributors/scholarship players among the sophomores and freshman next year (somewhat unsurprising because of age, but still concerning). They're losing a lot of guys over the next few years so finding a way to balance that will be critical. I wonder if some of these players yet to redshirt (Bostick, Burt, Ferguson, Hughes) might consider it next year. Although in Bostick and Burt's case DL is such a need I could see both of them playing there next year.
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Re: Current Scholarship Situation - 11/27/18 04:32 PM

I count 13 guys on your list who weren't initial counter guys and 4 more who weren't initially but have received a scholarship within 2 years so counted against the initial counters of a later class than the one they came in on. That'd put us at about 69 to 73 guys you would think of as true scholarship guys going into next season assuming we don't lose anyone. Still not where we should be, but a lot better than it was.

We'll probably pick up on some more JUCO's and transfers in the 2020 and 2021 classes to even out the 2 underclassman classes some more if I had to guess right now. Maybe a few blueshirts and grayshirts mixed in too. We should have a full 25 schollies to work with in the 2020 and 2021 classes.