Last Chance U

Posted by: Topcitykid10

Last Chance U - 07/26/18 12:22 PM

Anyone else watch the latest Last Chance U?

1. That coach is crazy!!! But he gets your results on the field. Makes you wonder how bad some of the power 5 coaches are.

2. Beaty has the best Juco talent in the state and seems like KU doesn't check up on any of them! Wonder if the next coach will make an effort to tap into the juco in-state talent.

3. Malik Henry is trash!!! Soft AF! No wonder another school hasn't given him another show.

Posted by: schmuck34

Re: Last Chance U - 07/26/18 05:01 PM

I know several in state JC coaches and players/grads, KU under Beaty has severely underutilized the KJCCC.
Posted by: tophawk87

Re: Last Chance U - 08/04/18 09:23 PM

Sad story out of Garden City Community College...
Posted by: Josh2408

Re: Last Chance U - 08/06/18 01:16 AM

I went to high School in Independence it's about time we have a great Juco team their instead of being the doormat