New OL grad transfer

Posted by: DrGreydog

New OL grad transfer - 07/15/18 03:25 PM

6' 305 OL Alex Fontana now a member of the squad. Playing Center and Guard....

Hope he works out
Posted by: Kman_blue

Re: New OL grad transfer - 07/15/18 03:45 PM

Word from within the team workouts, etc. is he looks to be immediately our best C option. That would be a big deal as that was the biggest question mark for this OL in my mind because of the medically forced retirement of Ribordy toward the end of last year. The C spot is the most important spot on the OL and if what I'm hearing is true about his abilities, then it looks like we've got a good one.

I'm still worried about the tackle spots as Adeniji comes off his 2 surgeries and the RT spot looks to be unsettled still. Also wonder who will be the #2LT and #2RT and how big of a drop will there be between them and the starters because odds are at least 1 of the starters is going to be injured for some period of time during the season.

Ricker strikes me as a really solid OL coach and everything I've heard since he got here reinforces that opinion. I'm still really curious how well he can put together our OL and how quickly he can adjust and address any potential problems or weaknesses that may reveal themselves when we actually start playing real games.