Texas Tech -16 @ KU, O/U 79!

Posted by: casey

Texas Tech -16 @ KU, O/U 79! - 10/02/17 06:54 PM

I like TTU to cover, and I'm not sure what to do with the over under. This should be a shootout, but 79 is a lot.
Posted by: KUHawkhead

Re: Texas Tech -16 @ KU, O/U 79! - 10/02/17 08:40 PM

I'll say that if TT plays anything like they did Saturday night, 60 being laid on us will be no problem.
Posted by: KUCO_VOC

Re: Texas Tech -16 @ KU, O/U 79! - 10/02/17 10:22 PM

The two of you are nervous nellies. Kansas covers - no doubt!
Posted by: Jman1

Re: Texas Tech -16 @ KU, O/U 79! - 10/03/17 11:28 AM

And last year, after Mahomes went down, with better DBs Shimonek absolutely tore Clint Bowen's "Bend and then Break" defense into shreds in about half a game. This game could, and probably will, singlehandedly put Shimonek into the Heisman consideration ring.

Tech by atleast 24
Posted by: Kman_blue

Re: Texas Tech -16 @ KU, O/U 79! - 10/03/17 12:03 PM

This is a tough one. If we don't turn the ball over and give up some cheap points like we did against WVU I could see KU covering, but if we do then I see Tech covering for sure.

Tech's D looks better than it has in years, but so does our O. Not sure if they can keep us below 30 and unfortunately doubt we can keep them below 40 something points. Our O is making strides and we seem to have finally found our starters on OL. If they continue to improve and show it on the field then I could see us scoring around 40. That would put you at the over. If you take what we did against WVU and think that's where we'll be in the Tech game then you're looking at KU scoring in the mid 30's and that'd probably put you right at the O/U for the game.

So, I guess it comes down to if you believe our O is improving week to week or not. If you do, take the over. If you think our O is already at where it's going to be the rest of the season, then take the under.

Despite the improvements our D showed last game and yes I know they gave up 56 but about 21 of that was from turnovers more or less, I don't think we'll keep them below 40. Hope I'm wrong. If Coutee doesn't play and Defense has another good game like he did against WVU we may have a chance to, but I wouldn't bet on it at this point in time.
Posted by: kylecof11

Re: Texas Tech -16 @ KU, O/U 79! - 10/03/17 02:49 PM

Kansas covers and just might win... I picked Kansas to cover against WV and they were a couple of garbage TDs late in the 4th quarter from covering easily.. And WVU is better than TT.

I think it'll actually be a really damn good game. I think Kansas will run the ball a lot again. They found something against WV. But I also think that Bender/Sims/Booker/Possibly Charlot will make some plays in the air.

My gut is that it'll be a 42-35 type of game. It could be a one score game, but will be under the O/U line.
Posted by: Kman_blue

Re: Texas Tech -16 @ KU, O/U 79! - 10/03/17 03:22 PM

My biggest question is how good was Okie St.'s D? Tech put up a bunch of yards and points on them. I know a good portion was from some big plays and they had a lot of plays that went for not much, but I'm still not sure how good OKie St.'s D is. If they're considered one of the better D's in this conference, then I think Tech will score more than 40 on us without much problem, but if OSU's D is average or below average then we may have a shot at holding them to 40 or below. If we don't get pressure on their QB though, whether it be through blitzing or just a 4 man rush, I think he will carve us up badly.

Also, I think WV's run D is a little worse than Tech's run D, so I'm not sure we'll be able to run the ball quite as well against Tech.

Kind of hard for me to gauge how good Tech is or isn't right now as they've only played 1 good team so far and it was at home. Tech could be worse on D than I'm giving them credit for which could lead to a game more akin to how you see it.