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Hawks on Politics
Jump to new posts Why didn't I think of that! by imzcount @ Today at 03:04 PM

How Trump wins over liberal environmentalists: A border wall with solar panels, what's not to like? All kinds of possibilities.
Hawks on Politics
Jump to new posts B.S. (Brian Stelter) on CNN by imzcount @ Today at 02:40 PM

This A.M B.S.(host of Reliable Sources, CNN). had Phil Donohue on as a guest, and asked him if he thought the Democrats would ever get over the election of Donald Trump. I didn't hear his answer but I know what I would have told him. The Democrats
Hawks on Politics
Jump to new posts Yes there was collusion in the 2016 by imzcount @ Today at 02:12 PM

Hawks on Politics
Jump to new posts Republicans will be shoo-ins 2018/2020. by imzcount @ Yesterday at 07:36 PM

(unless the Dems somehow lose their obsession with Trump). Look at all the air time Trump gets on TV. How do you think he won in 2016? CNN talks about Trump over 90% of the time. He is making fools out of all the anti-Trumper talking heads. Trum
Hawks on Politics
Jump to new posts Democrats have lost their minds by imzcount @ Yesterday at 07:12 PM

(which is fine with me) So you can't be pro life if you're a Dem; Also Whatever happened to the Hippocratic oath; "First do no harm". http://www.lifenews.c
Football/The Huddle
Jump to new posts Tight End vs H-Back by pizzanbeer @ Yesterday at 06:34 PM

Rivals shows Beaty has not offered a TE in this class. In the last class he recruited Tabor to play H-back. Beaty also mentioned that Matthews would play some H-back. My understanding of H-back is the player lines up in a slot position and plays s
Hawks on Politics
Jump to new posts Dems lose again by imzcount @ 06/21/17 10:23 AM

Lol, they lost to a female to boot. Misogynistic so and sos!