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Men's Basketball
Jump to new posts Jayhawker Wins! by appyhawk @ Today at 02:31 PM

Opener at Golden Gate a few moments ago. JAYHAWKER, at 5/2, wins wire to wire! Hoping that becomes a trend for Jayhawkers...
Hawks on Politics
Jump to new posts Finally, strength & toughness! by imzcount @ 03/18/18 07:37 PM

Since no one else seems to have the balls to do anything.
Hawks on Politics
Jump to new posts In the "you've gotta be kidding me" file by imzcount @ 03/16/18 09:26 PM Freekin' unbelievable! He should have been charged with murder 2 if you ask me. Why murder 1, didn't make sense.
Hawks on Politics
Jump to new posts You rang.... by parkhawk3319 @ 03/16/18 09:22 PM

This just in, Lurch says Nancy Pelosi should smile more often, it would be good for the country. Pelosi to send Lurch a mirror.
Hawks on Politics
Jump to new posts hard to say by parkhawk3319 @ 03/16/18 11:11 AM

is bringing in advisors from Fox and Friends an upgrade from Celebrity Apprentice contestants? Uber better send more clown cars to Pennsylvania Avenue.