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Quote: Is there another "go around " coming? Season ticket holder since freshman year in 1985. This will be my 3rd 'go around' since becoming a season ticket holder. Once w/ Coach Mase, once w/ the PhatBasTurd and now w/ Beaty. I'm old
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Originally Posted By: Kman_blueOriginally Posted By: 58hawkAnyone know what happened to the running back Denzel Evans? Thought he heard will be out for 4 to 6 weeks. Not sure what exactly happened though. Too bad. We need guys like this on special
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Originally Posted By: KU7679Do we have a mod somewhere who could delete the petty arguing crap so I can read about where to find KU gear instead of reading several pages of junior high level banter? You are being too kind to describe the sick wife/ki
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getting better all the time
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I been watching too much news the last couple days. According to them America is rascist and is totally going to hell. I don't agree.
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The Nazis were a small faction of the German population and yet they took power. Slave owners were a small part of the population of the South and yet they convinced the whole South to fight a war for slavery. Those who ignore history are doomed to r
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I guess because the idiot that started this thread wanted to use this as a political tool.
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Oddly enough I do know and have seen it. I love Seattle. This has statue become a talking point for the FoxNews and Breitbart crowd and they are excited about pointing out the "hypocrisy" of the left with regards to it. I asked one of my fr
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Yeah, some decent storms came through my place in OP this morning also. I think I just found out it does have something to do with the KU night at the K. They just announced Dorance is gonna throw out the 1st pitch. Think that's why they practiced i
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It was Blackmild's signature forever...except Bill Self was the O.G. Swagmaster.
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Originally Posted By: kylecof11Don't think he was asked by reporters about injuries, the media just reported injuries that they saw. Like Evans, the RB, on crutches. I'm sure Beaty wanted to be the first to spill the news on it, but media leaked it o
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A bit of a side note, but I was looking at OU's notes from practice to see what they'll look like and hadn't seen Bledsoe's name in a while. It seems like it was maybe missed on here, but he got popped in October for failing a Performance Enhancing