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Originally Posted By: tmcatsOriginally Posted By: madcapperLet's wait and see the results before making accusations. So Timmay will you accept a minor penalty or is the jealously so deep only the worst will satisfy your hate. seriously, i'm not jea
Men's Basketball
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Originally Posted By: moose1Go easy on Timmay. Clearly his hate of KU is all he has in life. Bill Self - "I was shocked to read that something could be said that was not specifically intended for anyone, but it made all 20 schools that were me
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Very cool video. Thanks for posting this! I've always felt Haskell was the hidden gem of Lawrence.
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Originally Posted By: Topcitykid10Stoops has taken quite a few KS kids, we are due a few of OK kids. OU still cherry picking Kansas and KC kids. Took that DE out of Wichita last year and got Manning out of Raytown in KC committed right now. Both guy
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Originally Posted By: tmcatsnot in mhk, not until football season. and it's cold and windy at the lake today, so here's a logical default. exactly....
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He was about ready to blow just that cappers and 7679s moms blew it better....oh dammmmmmmmm....Brooks should have caught him...but I am super happy Gary won...or cant you two simpletons figure that out...sigh...probably not..
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Regarding our 2020 schedule being tough is based on current or fairly current preseason rankings of some of our opponents. Of course, every conference schedule should be considered somewhat brutal as there’s always some pitfalls every year in all
Hawks on Politics
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Sarah Huckabee replacement disqualified after telling truth repeatedly on job application
Men's Basketball
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You are goofy to bring us down like that...if they were going to nail us they would have never of released Silvio....think McMichawk....think...
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Originally Posted By: INationThese last two recruiting classes are what I like to see. Not really any of them look to be one and done type players. Plus the balance in height and positions will make this team a very experienced and cohesive unit in a
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You got that right Kman. Hoppel = stud. Yes, Ryan would have been there.
Men's Basketball
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You are getting smarter old man....Geritol and Prevagan..nice