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Originally Posted By: John_BrownOriginally Posted By: KUCO_VOC Another writer's opinion of Kansas football at present... Nice read. I have no idea how someone survives 3 and 33. Particularl
Football/The Huddle
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Originally Posted By: caseyKAI will announce the crowd somewhere between 28,000 and 29,999. Believable number will be somewhere between 24,000 and 25,999. It's gonna be hot for an 11am kick. No more than 5000 souls in the east stands at kick off. M
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Originally Posted By: INationNeed to hire Kevin Kane to be KU's DC. His UNI D looked solid vs Nebraska. Not a bad idea. These guys do seem to overrun everything. Any sort of misdirection looks like a masterpiece on the O-coordinator's part. I'd l
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Originally Posted By: beenahawkOriginally Posted By: Jman1the last time we had a decent defense was when Bill Young was here. After that it has been a "Pile of crap"(and that's being VERY kind). Always remember that back then we had some
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I just saw a video of FM dribbling a basketball while some dude rap's a rap. Apparently it is some sort of commercial or something for some product called Powerhandz. Whatever Powerhandz is. Good for you Frank.
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Originally Posted By:'s gel...not jell...But glad to see that you're alive and kicking. My bad, it was late when I wrote that. That's partly why it stunk. I've corrected it, the misspell that is.
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Finally a fan of Kansas toe-ball that gets it. I call it "toe ball" because Kansas has never put their full weight behind the program except when Mangino was there and his success was in SPITE of Kansas's best lack of support. You had a str
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Damn the 65 inch 4k LG tv that I just paid off yesterday making total payments in the amount of 2700.00. Its currently priced at 999.00 at Best Buy...crap. Tvs are the only thing over the yrs that got cheaper and bigger. In the late 70s I paid about
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I have to call that BS. Unless they are a superstar they probably won't see the field much until year 3.
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Take two salt tablets and get back in there.