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Men's Basketball
Jump to new posts Re: Check this out by PHOGUSHER @ Yesterday at 10:03 PM

I guess they are too busy doing weak assss Power Cat videos I guesss and making dvds about how they beat KU in hoops once in every 9 games...
Men's Basketball
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Dude wtf is wrong with you...digging up crap to prove me wrong. Riddle me this goofy if Romeo came to KU last yr would he been in a FBI forced shut down yr....maybe...maybe not. Would it of been better than playing on that crap Indiana team...that wo
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Heads up for all interested: if you are wanting to resolve your childhood and young adult trauma, a junior high re-enactment is being offered on the Other Board on the ... let’s see here ,,, hmmm, the basketball forum. Work through those issues tha
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Jump to new posts Re: This give a lot of hope regarding Miles by AlOerter @ Yesterday at 04:45 PM

Les is going to get it done.
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Jump to new posts Re: by PHOGUSHER @ Yesterday at 03:42 PM

Holy crap full middle school bully mentality meltdown on the crimson crappy on the bball board...You see those guys act like asssclowns if I am there or not. Parkhawk was right naming them feces flinging apelike miscreants...a perfect description.
Football/The Huddle
Jump to new posts Re: Recruiting Class 2020 News, Updates,etc! by Kman_blue @ Yesterday at 03:22 PM

Originally Posted By: beenahawk...getting a kid to actually ink is the true measure. That said, I think Miles is the type of coach who manages to land the vast majority of fish that bite. Yep! to the bold part and I think you're right on the rest to
Men's Basketball
Jump to new posts Re: Hauser Brothers looking for a home by PHOGUSHER @ Yesterday at 11:15 AM

There ya go ...but really the Morii were the only decent tandem...KJ not so much and to be honest I don't even remember the other Henry...
Men's Basketball
Jump to new posts Re: 2019 Recruits Signed by Maximus @ Yesterday at 08:33 AM

Samantha Ryan is an adult film star who attended the University of Kansas. If Kansas does miss on Matthew Hur